Saturday, 19 June 2010

moving home

I have had my blog at blog spot for a few years now but decided it's time to move after the spam got daft. You can find me at

I set this blog up for mainly uni stuff but I have decided to put everything in one place, see you over there!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Chick, chick. chick, chick, chicken

I have been a bit chicken obsessed recently. It doesn't usually take much to get me searching ebay for chicken runs and at this time of year I am even worse!

And today my son and I decided to make a pompom chick.

The chick is made from:

  • two pompoms - one 65mm, one 85mm in diameter

  • 25g of yellow double knit yarn

  • a pipe cleaner

  • two buttons

  • thread for sewing eyes

  • card for the beak

  • glue for sticking on the beak

We made the two pompoms, and left the thread that you tie them round the middle with long, and used the long threads to tie the two pompoms tightly togther.
We threaded the pipecleaner through the middle thread of the larger pompom for the legs and bent the ends into feet. Sew on eyes and glue on a beak.

The nest was made last week by my other son from instructions found here.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Printed Father's Day Cards

How to make a Father's Day card in 10 mins!

We used polystyrene pizza bases (I have a stack under the sink for such occasions) and 'E' used a pencil to draw a picture, Daddy in this case.

I went over the picture a bit harder to make the lines deeper.

Then we painted some block printing colour over our tray, but you can use any paint, I have used poster paint before.

Place your paper or card over the top and smooth it down with a flat hand and peel back to reveal your print.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

First Meeting of the Forest Hill Knitters and Crocheters

I had a great time yesterday knitting in Forest Hill Library with new and old friends.

There was a real range of knitting experience from complete beginners to very experienced. Some people stopped to ask if we were meeting again so we decided to meet again next month.

Next meeting - Saturday 18th July 2009, 12-2pm. Forest Hill Library, SE23

Friday, 5 June 2009

Come and Knit with ME!

Come and Knit

Dartmouth Road, SE23
Saturday 13th June 12-2pm

· Beginners and experienced knitters welcome.
· Wool and needles provided or bring your own.
· Local crafter Jo Cooper will be on hand to show basic knitting and casting on,
· Info sheets available to take away.

I've been asked to hold this workshop by the Town Centre Manager, it should be fun, come along if you can.

Monday, 4 May 2009


My blog posts stopped when I started at Univeristy in September, the spare time I had that I spent on blogging is now spent on course work.

This post is an attempt to show some of the stuff I've been doing, no major works of art have emerged yet, I'm just enjoying being aloud to experiment.

This is from my book project, I had lot's of ideas, one of which was to make a zine from random articles but I then found this machine which the library was getting rid of. I ended up make a sort of audio book using a poem and photos.

This photo is from the 'Balance and Tension' project. I was looking at the tension caused to the viewer by things not bing quite right and what could be more wrong then sharp things in your jelly?

This is a photo of a mould I've made for the 'Perfect Prop' assignment. We have to make a prop, I decided to make a replica of a stovetop coffee perculator.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

No Windows!

The windows at the back of our house are being replaced and I am trying to work. I'm off work sick but I brought some bit's home to do but it's quite had to concentrate when there are holes in the house and the hammering makes the whole house shake.
I am also trying to get my college project finished for Friday. My 1500-2000 essay is nearly there (I've had to stop for a bit due to word blindness) I've just got to have a look at my journal and finish my Power Point presentation.

Here is some fleece I blended for a bowl I made as an experimental piece for the project. I haven't managed to get a decent photo of it but when I do I'll post it.