Friday, 16 May 2008


I went into my 6 year old sons class today to do some weaving with them.

One of their topics is Plants and Animals so I took in some fleece, a drop spindle, knitting, felt and a woven piece of cloth and we talked about fabrics and what they are made from.

Their teacher and I had already prepared the paper plates with the warp thread and then the children choose different fabrics to weave with.

I was surprised at how conservative their choices were at first. I expected them to go straight for the cut up t-shirts and plastic bags but most of them went for the thinnest wool and it took a while for them to try weaving with the more unusual fabrics.

The result are fantastic, some aren't finished but the children are all keen to take them home and finish them off over the weekend.

A pdf of instructions of how to thread up the paper plate and finish the project off are here.