Monday, 4 May 2009


My blog posts stopped when I started at Univeristy in September, the spare time I had that I spent on blogging is now spent on course work.

This post is an attempt to show some of the stuff I've been doing, no major works of art have emerged yet, I'm just enjoying being aloud to experiment.

This is from my book project, I had lot's of ideas, one of which was to make a zine from random articles but I then found this machine which the library was getting rid of. I ended up make a sort of audio book using a poem and photos.

This photo is from the 'Balance and Tension' project. I was looking at the tension caused to the viewer by things not bing quite right and what could be more wrong then sharp things in your jelly?

This is a photo of a mould I've made for the 'Perfect Prop' assignment. We have to make a prop, I decided to make a replica of a stovetop coffee perculator.