Saturday, 27 October 2007

Future Project

Inspired by Laura, I have spent most of this afternoon reseaching carding and dying fleece.

I can't really afford to buy real carders at the moment so I have been looking for a 'how to make your own carders' to no avail but Laura suggested I can use dog or hair brushes.

Laura has a really good tutorial on dying roving with Kool aid and a microwave, but I don't have a microwave (our's blow up) so I had a look for stove top instructions and found some here.

The fleece I have has been washed but found good instructions for washing fleece here and carding instructions here.

Good Crack!

We met our friends Adam and Rachel aka DNA and their children at the Tate Modern yesterday. The boys found the crack intriguing, wanting to know how it was made, we decided it was either an earth quake or aliens!
Had an interesting chat with Rachel (she has started her MA in Fine Art!) about how everyone wanted to stradle the crack and walk the length of it, my main observation was only men and child put there feet down it!

We didn't spend much time looking at the galleries. Having children asking 'why is a big square painted red art?' all the way round is a bit wearing! Children seem to like art that looks like something, they liked the Monet and they recognised the big Matisse collage and both commented that they could make a picture like that, which I'm sure they have!

future artists of Great Britain, 'Shelter' 2007

What they do enjoy is creating their own 'installations', this one they are exhibiting outside the Tate at the moment. Rachel has some great photos of a boat they created on the beach at Easter.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Handmade Pledge

sign the petition at BuyHandmade and pledge to buy handmade, you don't have to make it yourself, go to Etsy for 1000's of handmade goodies! and I'm hoping the Fat Orange Cat Boutique will be open soon!

Sunday, 21 October 2007

German Zakka

I am taking part in a craft book swap on Swap-bot, I have a book to swap but I thought I'd go and see what I could find in the Salvation Army charity shop in Catford. It's one of those old school charity shops; stuff comes in, they sort it and sell it, rather than the centralised sorting and creaming off of the vintage bargains we all hope to find.

Anyway, look what I brought for 10p!

German Zakka, I'm presuming it's German, it says it's printed in West Germany, please correct me if I'm horribly wrong.

I want this! I wonder if my Dad would make it for me for Christmas.

I would have died for this as a kid, look at that rug and that beaded curtain.

and I want to make this....................

and those fruit shaped cushions...............

and a rag rug loom......................

not so keen on these but I like the way the pictures are laid out.

and here's Christmas sorted....................

that shoe shaped thing that holds your glasses and pens looks v. useful to someone who wears glasses and has pens.

and tucked away in a pocket at the back are two very scary and complicated looking patterns in pristine condition. Hurray for Charity Shops!

Look what else I brought for 10p......................

That hair looks like it's been knitted! Sorry Pam Dawson but you can't blame me with the title of your book as 'Knitting Pam Dawson'!!!

But she can knit dungarees for toddlers, how cool is that?

Though, Ben's friend looks a bit uncomfortable with the way Ben is eyeing up his stripey dungies.

Where can I get a toddler to make these for? I did offer to make some for E but he wasn't too keen.

I know, I'll make one, (a toddler that is) there's a pattern for one in the German Zakka book.................. no really, there is......................

Monday, 15 October 2007

Knitted Dishcloth Debate

I am really enjoying the knitted dishcloth debate and thought I'd join in.
First have a look at Ali's blog and then at Janet's 'stunt' sink!
Ali has some great links to fill you in on the back history.

I have to say that I am guilty of knitting a dishcloth or two as part of a 'Dishcloth swap' but I'm proud to stand up and be counted. It also doesn't mean that my house looks like a show home full of cupcakes.

One of two crocheted dishcloths made for me by Louise.

My kitchen on a good day! You can just see the other dishcloth on the righthand side.

I know some will think it's weird to 'waste' your time making something that you can just go and buy and that we are taking a step back into the slavery of domesticity. But we do these things because we can not because we have to. Thanks to our for mothers we aren't expected to spend our spare time doing housework (well, not to often and not that they would say out loud if they know what's good for them!) so why can't we can spend our evenings knitting dishcloths (and swapping them) What's the difference between making something practical and spending 2 hours on Facebook sending people monkeys. These are past times, a way of relaxing after a hard days work.

I would rather give my money to an independent yarn shop than to T***o any old day! And, when civilisation collapes we'll be able to whip up dishcloths and rag rugs and barter them for stockings!

What do you think Karyn could barter her beautiful coasters for? Thank you to her for sending these to me. I feel a real cheat because I sent Karyn one of my leaf brooches and jumped at the offer of a set of these (I have been coverting them for months). But my brooch never arrived, I got coasters and Karyn got an empty envelope!

I'll have to see what I can do, maybe I'll send her a knitted dishcloth ;-)

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Finished, at last!!!!

Hurray, I've finished it and worn it.

It's taken me 19 months to finish, yes 19 months!

[Edit: Peter has just pointed out that I could have had two babies in that time!! ]

Also, finished some leaf brooches, I've had a few requests for these so I thought I'd make a batch.

I'm trying a holly leaf, I'll let you know what happens.

Looking forward to the Knitting and Stitching Show tomorrow, I'll try and take photos. It was suggested that I wear the rabbit ears so people can spot me!

I was going to wear my newly finished shrug but is that like wearing a 'Spock' costume to a Star Trek convention?

Wednesday, 10 October 2007


I thought I'd been tagged for two different tags, but just looked properly and it's for the same one tag.
So here is how these things work;
Karyn and Coco have tagged me, I list 7 Honest/Interesting things about myself, then I tag some more people (I think it's meant to be 7 but I can only usually manage 2) by going to their blog and telling them they have been tagged and to come back to your blog to see what it's all about. I think that's it.

So, I have been trying to think of Seven Honest/Interesting things about myself, it's quite hard and I'm sure I've forgotten the more interesting/honest things!

OK, number One.

I wanted to be a chef when I was at school, but I went on work experience when I was 15 to the Theatre Royal Stratford East and changed my mind.

I decided to train as a Stage Manager and went to The Central School of Speech and Drama in London, graduated in 1993 and had a great time working in London and touring, but finally got fed up with the demands of the job and attitudes of some of the people I was working with at the time and had a baby or two. I might go back to it one day, we'll see.

2) I'm a CSI Las Vagas fan,
I have a thing for Gil Grissom, especially with the beard.

3) I believe Seabrook Crisps are the best in the World.

4) I love buttons

5) I'm a rubbish housewife

6) I can't sleep on laying on my back or sitting up.

7) Joseph Fiennes rubbed my bump when I was pregnant. (we were working together on a play at the Royal Court) I wonder if he remembers?
OK, who to tag?
How about two new blogs I've been reading recently-

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

The Knitting and Stitching Show

Counting down the day's until the Knitting and Stitching Show at Ally Pally and I'm v. excited!!!

I'm going on Sunday with my Mum and Sister, Laura for her birthday. I've never been before and I have been warned that a lot of money can be spent quickly without to much trouble. I'll report back next week and I'll try and take lot's of photos. Let me know if you are going to, here is a photo if you want to try and spot us ;-)

This is a photo of Richard (my sisters partner) me, in the middle and my sister Laura on the end. This was taken about 13 years ago, before children and knitting!! (we had just watched Priscilla Queen of the Desert and I quickly knocked up a set of rabbit ears).

I don't think we've changed much, Richard still looks suprised, my bed room is still messy, I can still fashion thing's from everyday objects and we still have a thing for interesting head gear......

my niece!

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Bunny T-Shirt

I don't know what this say's about me, but I just looked through a whole page of quite funny and daft t-shirts on the snorgtees site and this is the one that tickled me.

Friday, 5 October 2007

Autumn Hedgehogs

This is a great project to do after a Autumn walk collecting leaves and twigs.

You can also you some autumnal coloured material and paper scraps.

Please feel free to cut and paste the template to make your own 'Autumn Hedgehogs'.

The Big Draw!

Lot's of fun was had yesterday drawing on the Arc shed!

I wrapped very thick lining paper around the shed and the children used pens, pencils, crayons, charcoal, pastels and glitter gel.

We even did a bit of chalking on the concrete.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Crafty Gifts

I know it might seem a bit early for Christmas present ideas but I am taking part in an 'Idea Swap for Holiday Gifts' over on Swap-bot so I have been searching t'internet for crafty ideas. I will do a post on my findings soon, but just to get you in the mood......................

Look what Euan's classmates Mum makes!

These are beautiful, I knew Marie made jewelery and today she gave me a card with her website address on, so of course I had to look as soon as I got home.
Her collection is called Ka-Ima B.Joux and you can have a look at all her beautiful things here.

Another crafty item that would make a great present, a felting kit! You know I love needle felting and I first discovered it from a kit. I have not used the Elle brand before, but it looks like good value as it includes 3 needles and 6 lots of wool roving. I saw this kit in the Diana's Knitting Yarns newsletter.