Friday, 28 September 2007


V.glad it's Friday. Earlier on this week I was sitting trying to think about all the things I needed to do and I thought to myself 'what day is it?' and I realized it was only Monday!!!!!

This doesn't usually happen to me until at least Wednesday. So it's felt like a looooooong week.

It's been crazy, mostly because I am taking part in the Big Draw next Thursday, so I needed to get a mailout done to let everyone know about it. I am going to wrap lining paper round the Arc Shed for the kids to come a draw on, then the drawing will be displayed at our Family Learning Funday the following Saturday.

Also, local superwomen Leena was having a crafty coffee morning and I was taking arts & craft stuff to sell for Arc, which meant I wasn't going to be in the office until next Tuesday which meant tidying the Arc shed and tying up loose ends.

Also, Peter is working during the evenings, in Milton Keynes this week, so I see him roll over in the morning and then for 5 minutes between me getting home and him leaving for work and there seems to be a school uniform shortage in this house so I have to wash them every evening, but the nice thing is the boys getting dressed in the morning while the clothes are still warm from the dryer!

So, v.glad it's Friday, I should be cleaning, tidying, cooking, typing minutes, going to post office etc but it's cold and raining so I think I'm going to get some lunch, watch a film and knit, the dust's not going anywhere and it is my day off!

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

I'm the winner!

Horray, I'm the winner!!!!!
Not sure how much competition there was though, when I left the tent there was only my shawl and a little Aran jumper and I didn't get back until it was all over.
But as someone said at least it wasn't a scarf I was up against!?!!

This my rosette.

Nutmeg is impressed too and wants it for his new bed.

Leaf brooches are ready for posting, hope they bring a smile.

Harvest Baskets

Here are some Harvest Baskets that were made by under 5's at The Downham Toy Library group at Forster Park School today.

Vegetable printing is always a popular activity but I thought seeing as it's harvest time we could print them onto basket shapes.

The basket was cut from a sheet of A4 paper. First I cut a strip from the long side for the handle, then cut a semi-circle for the basket. The handle was then stapled to the basket after the printing was dry.

While the children printed we talked about colours and which fruits and vegetables they were going to put into their baskets.

Friday, 21 September 2007

What a crafty week!

First things first, Friday poll! I know that's why you're here!

Last week was a surprising result for me, the winner was......... SHOWER!
I'm a bath girl you see.

This weeks poll is a topical one in the UK, (it was even discussed on the Today programme on Radio 4)

Marmite or Marmalade?

Next, 102nd Post Competition. I've decided to have 3 winners; Ali, Karyn and Alla all win a lovely hand felted brooch.
Please message me ladies and we'll sort out getting them to you. (Also, wouldn't mind a little coaster or two Karyn ;-) xx)

On Monday I started my Craft Workshop Course, what fun it's going to be.

We mostly talked about things we would like to have a go at. Next week we are going to do beading on a loom, and the week after felting (that was my idea) both wet and needle.

my first bit of embroidery

Everyone on the course seems nice and open to trying new stuff. There are two ladies who have been doing the course for a few years, they come along, have a go and if they don't fancy what everyone else is doing they carry on with their own stuff, which seems to be how it works, it's very open and relaxed.

Finished two new activity packs at work, a halloween mobile pack and a spider paper weight pack.

(I will do a post about what I do at work as a few people have been asking recently and I find it hard to explain it in words, I'll do a photo montage!)

Spider Plaster of Paris Paperweight Pack

I might enter the spider in the DIY: Halloween competition over on CRAFT.

This is a 'hug' I started about 2 years ago.

I had knitted over 2/3 of it, but while I was knitting the first sleeve I started to knit the wrong way and it had two big stripes of purl on it. At first I didn't realise and then I tried to ignore it, by then I had started the second sleeve. In the end it was causing me such distress that I had to unravel it to the purl rows and pick it up again. Very boring.

So now I have nearly finished the back and then I can re-join it and start the second sleeve, which is the fun bit, knitting round and round and round............and round and round, great on the bus.

Lovely scarf sent to me from Norway, thank you! and a cat with no tonsils.

And lastly, I am going to enter this wrap into the Lewisham Country Fair on Sunday.
I love Country Fairs, I love looking round the entries at the biggest vegetables and handmade stuff and I've always secretly longed to live in the country so I could join the Women's Guild and make jam and enter it into competitions.
I never dreamed that we would have such a fair in Lewisham!! (FYI Lewisham is an Inner city London Borough, not very rural at all)

So, I might see you there on Sunday, with my wrap and Family, if not, I'll let you know how me and my wrap got on.

Saturday, 15 September 2007

102nd Post Competition

To celebrate my 102nd post I am going to give away one of these hand felted leaf brooches!

So, to win one just post me a message telling me why you should have one.

Friday, 14 September 2007

101 Posts! (Edited)

Can't believe I missed my 100th post! I think it's was because I was so taken aback that I was 'dishcloth cotton' (sorry still not gotten over it! (see post below))

Had a bit of trouble with t'internet today so loads to catch up on.

OK, first - friday poll!! last week it was - Cats or Dogs? and the poll says - CATS. This week - Bath or Shower? mmmmmm what do you think?

Next - lot's of crafty shopping.

I went to Hobbycraft on Tuesday, I had never been before and there was so much to see and so much to buy. My primary reason for going was for work and they had loads of great christmas'y kids stuff so it was worth the trip.

Also, Euan has been doing a bit of needle felting (since posting this I have read that only children over 10 should needle felt!!) and broke my only needle so after a bit of a t'internet search I found Christie Bears which sells lots of stuff to make bears but also needle felting gear.

So I ordered about 6 needles, 4 the same because I wanted to make a felting tools.

My dad had drilled 4 holes in a disc of wood ready for the needles. I had seen the 'How to...' in the current CRAFT: magazine. It works, but it's a bit scary to use and look at.

And here are some more leaves, I'm a bit obsessed with leaves at the moment!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Which type of yarn are you?

Just took this quiz via the Knitterooney blog and I am dishcloth cotton!?!

Dishcloth cotton! Dishcloth cotton!

It did make me LOL but why couldn't I have been fun fur or mohair? I suppose it's better than acrylic double knit....... but only just!

What kind of yarn are you?

You are Dishcloth Cotton.You are a very hard worker, most at home when you're at home. You are thrifty and seemingly born to clean. You are considered to be a Plain Jane, but you are too practical to notice.
Take this quiz!

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Saturday, 8 September 2007

Felted Leaves

Here are some photos of the leaves I have been needle felting this week.
The big one is my least favorite, I am going to try and wet felt it and see what happens.
This one is my favorite so far, I used a lot more wool, laid it both ways and twisted it to make the colours more interesting.

This was the first one and a bit thin, I'm thinking of applique (thanks P).

I started making these, the idea was christmas tree decorations but I'm not sure, maybe some sequins might help.

Eastend Treasures

I went to my Mum & Dads last weekend and brought back a satsh of yarns and patterns.

There is all sorts, more Sirdar Click, which is my fave for scarves, some pink pure wool which I'm going to felt and some muted green Mohair which I'm going to knit myself a scarf with.

I went through my mums knitting patterns, I love the photos on these vintage patterns, I don't know if I'll ever knit any of the patterns but I love looking at the pictures.

Friday, 7 September 2007

Friday Poll

What a week, back to school and work, P's show opened in Richmond and E arrived from Germany.
But, I have managed to needle felt some leaves and nearly finished the grey scarf. (I'll post more on that later.)
Anyway, decided to have a Friday Poll each week.

So, which is it ?

Cats or

or dogs?

Monday, 3 September 2007

Zakka in the UK

I just googled Japenese Craft Books and found this fantastic site based in Scotland.

It's called Kitty Craft and it sells all sorts of fabrics by the 1/4 yard, though you can buy more un-cut.

They also sell accessories like this flower shaped Yoyo template.

There is also a Pattern Room with loads of patterns and you can also sign up to receive points when you shop and an e-newsletter iwth patterns for projects. Check it out!