Monday, 23 April 2007

Long time no knit

Feels like ages since I have been knitting, actually it's was only yesterday. I started to knit a small square for a card when two little kittens decided that biting my needles was a good game.

Ginger and Nutmeg pretend to be socks.

I always feel a bit lost after I have finished a project, I have just finished a beret and a scalf (forgot to take a photo of the scalf) both for different swaps.

Made for Swap

I have started to make (sew) a skirt, I brought one which was way to big from a charity shop and I have now unpicked it all and I have a pattern to make a new one.


Laura said...

Ava Says: Aaahh look at the kittens, can Billy eat them?

Jox said...

he will have to catch them first!

antonella said...

your cats are really wonderful! and I like your blog!

kisses and hugs
antonella from italy

Anonymous said...

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