Monday, 27 August 2007

Finally.............Some knitting!

It was so chilly last week that I started knitting a scalf. I have had the yarn for ages, it's called Click by Sirdar and it's great for chunky scarves. I knitted quite a few last year as Christmas presents.

Well, I had used the two balls I had and then realised it wasn't long enough so it's on hold for now.

I have been making these little pin cushions using milk bottle tops as bases and one using a beer bottle cap from Alla's collection.

I took my friend Alla one of the Morsbags I have been making and came away with some bootle caps and the idea for mini pin cushions.

The weather has been warmer the last few days and because I was in the mood for a knit I thought I'd do something with this cotton, I don't know what it is called but I think it's Sirdar again.

So, I made a coaster in basket weave and then decided to make one in moss stitch.

Can anyone tell me why this happens?

Is it because my tension is too tight when I cast on? if you know a solution please let me know, I would be very greatful.

I'm not the only knitter in my family, my mum and sister both knit, a lot better then me it must be said, and look what my mum knitted for me....................

Isn't it great, I'll find out from her what the pattern and yarn is.

And just for good measure...........

Some kitten love...... ahh................

Before I forget a 'Hello' to all the 'I Knit Londoners' who might be having a look at my blog today. I blog tagged the guys at the I Knit London Shop and they have mentioned me in their weekly newsletter. Cooeeee


Karyn said...

It's chilly there?! It's 95 and humid here in sunny Florida, USA, and I can't even imagine wearing a scarf!

What do you use to stuff the pin cushions? They're very cute.

Jox said...

well it was wet and dull and quite a few people had told me that they had put the heating on, not me though!
I used 'washable polyester fibre' the stuff for stuffing toys, it's amzing the amount you can stuff in there.

Anonymous said...

I love the yarn you used for the coasters and the fabric for the Morsebag!

Original Ting said...

Hi Jox,

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog and I'm thrilled that you've tagged me. Glad you found the yarngina funny - it was quite an experience knitting it! Your crafty stuff is ingenious esp the sunflower - will do the tag thing soon but am afriad I must crawl off to bed soon before I fall asleep at the keyboard. Nice meeting you and good night!

Coco said...

Tag! You're it! Check out the details on my blog.


Riggwelter said...

oh those pin cushions look great, and the coasters.

littlewanda said...

Hi Jox. I have problems with tension too. Someone said to use larger knitting needles?

I keep reading about morsebags. I looked at the site you linked to and they look so easy to make!

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