Friday, 2 November 2007

Slack-arse Housewife!

Slack-arse was a phrase coined at college to describe a co-student who; 'cut corners, was a bit lazy and lackadaisical', and that's how I feel about the domestic arts.
Don't get me wrong I love to cook, knit dishcloths and make jam but I can't be arsed with dusting and the like and don't get my partner started on my lack of ironing!

Spider cake inspired by Not Martha

But some tidying had to be done today, we had a Halloween Party on Wednesday and there was a trail of spider sequins, feathers and glitter through the house that I had ignored for long enough.

But, I think I might of found the answer - Craft Podcasts!

There is a whole list of them at Craftypod, first I listened to a couple of festive podcasts from Crafty Chica, (that was the sofa wiped (it's leather), toy's put in a pile(there still there), wand making materials put away and floor swept) then I half listened to a Craftsanity interview with Amanda Blake Soule while I swept the kitchen, moved a rug and plumped cushions.

I usually resent spending time on my day off cleaning, but this way I feel like I'm crafting and it takes my mind of the domestic drudgery!

Haven't got much crafting in during the last week or so. I have been experimenting with the felted Christmas decorations and come up with some prototypes.

I'm happy with the red heart but I think the green one needs something, I'm on the lookout for small bells and the yellow star needs a button or something.

There's a lot of chat at the moment about blogs and books making the authors lives look perfect and how this makes others feel inadequate.
When I had my first son there was a lot of mums making out that their lives and babies where great and perfect and I resolved then to tell it how it was; sick and wee covered, sore boobed, boring hard work! (that was on the good days ;-)And it's quite easy to make your bloglife look perfect in the photos you show. I love the idea of moving the camera a bit to the left or zooming out to show what's really there, so here is the corner of the kitchen where the above photo was taken.

It doesn't look that bad when you can't see the whole of the smeared bin and half eaten cat food!

We're looking forward to my Mum & Dads Annual Bonfire Party tomorrow night; three hours of fireworks followed by hot soup, baked pototoes and smoking fags with my Dad by the bonfire (shh, don't tell anyone!)


Karyn said...

LOOOVE the star ornament. It's just adorable.

I like your idea about taking different pictures to show the imperfections in our lives and homes. But I don't know that I'm ready to show people the cat hair, piles of mail, empty water get the point. :-)

Ali said...

Sea monkeys! Coooool. I've been thinking about needlefelted ornaments too - how did you do your hanging loop?

littlewanda said...

Fantastic idea showing a picture of your home. I do look at some craft blogs and think their home most be absolutely perfect.

I think a nice little button in the centre of the yellow star will finish it off perfectly and I actually like the green heart as it is :)

I can't stop making Christmas decorations at the moment and I'm going to give some of them as handmade gifts, otherwise you won't be able to see the branches on my Christmas Tree when I get it.

Jenaveve said...

I like your honesty on this topic.

Sometimes the over-polished blogs out ther can be a little overbearing, yet funnily enough, on other days they can be just the positive 'all smiles' boost that I need. Catch 22!

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