Friday, 7 December 2007

hello, i'm back!

did you miss me? I haven't actually been anywhere but just haven't found it in me to blog.

I was trying to figure out why this was and one reason I can think of is that we have moved to computer from the warm, comfy spare bedroom to the drafty, wooden floored back end of the living room. I used to start to blog when the boy's were having their bath in the evening, then put them to bed and carry on into the night. Now it's all changed, if I'm down stairs I have to get up to shout 'stop drowning your brother' or 'well that will teach you not to put soap there again won't it!!' and that stops the train of thought.

And I have realised in the last week that if I'm cold I can't think or function properly.

Our boiler broke on Monday and was only fixed yesterday (don't get me started on the incompetents of British Gas, but that's a whole other blog entry and email to Watchdog) but once it was fixed and as the radiators warmed you I felt like I was coming out of hibernation and my brain started to work again.

My friend Jo and I have been organising a Winter Gift Fair at our kids school, (it's tonight btw at 6-8pm at Rathfern School in Catford) and before the boiler was fixed I couldn't seem to do anything but as the temperature rose I was ringing people, making lists and potting up 10lb of Mincemeat.

I haven't just been sitting in the cold since my last entry, I have been making things, I was trying to think of them all, I'll try and list them now-

  • Mincemeat

  • Loopy Scarves x2

  • Pom poms x8

  • Yellow Beetroot and Ginger Chutney

  • Washcloth

  • erm, I think that's it.

no, didn't make this, but saw it recently while away with friends in Camber.

but I do want to make one of these, this is by pixiegenne and it's fantastically perfect!


Karyn said...

Welcome back! Glad your boiler got fixed. If you're anything like me, your fingers don't type very well when you're too cold.

littlewanda said...

British you say, best not to get started!

I really like that button decoration. I saw some in a local shop a while back, but they wanted £3.99 and there were no were near as many buttons. I must have a go to at making one. Did your friend use wire?

Anonymous said...

















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