Saturday 19 April 2008

How To Needle Felt a Flower Brooch

Here it is a little needle felting flower project for you.

Where am I going to get the materials from? you might be asking.

Well, I have listed a few links for companies I have used at the end of this post and you can also get supplies from various Etsy and Ebay shops.

I also thought that I would have a little competition. If you fancy having a go at the wonderful craft of needle felting, post 'I would love to have a go at this' with your comment below and I will pull a couple of names out of a hat and send you a little kit to get you started.
You can't say farer than that, can you?

**Competition closes Saturday 25th April 2008 at 1200BST**

Ok, so what you will need to needle felt a flower brooch are the following supplies;

  • A felting needle
  • merino fleece
  • a dense foam sponge
  • a cookie cutter of the shape you want
  • sewing supplies
  • a safety pin or brooch back
  • and a button, oh and a cup of tea (very important)

This is what a felting needle looks like, you might just be able to see from the photo that there are little nicks in the needle end. These are called 'barbs' and they are what makes the fleece felt together. They come in different gauges for different types of work. The larger the gauge the quicker it felts, but it leaves visible holes and you then need to work with a finer needle but it then depends on the fleece you are using.......... I could go into more detail but I'll leave that for another post.

For this project I used a finer needle.

Start by pulling your fleece (plucking) into small tufts and piling it into a cookie cutter, filling it up right to the top.

Poke (stab) your needle into the fleece, you want to gently push the needle through the fleece and into the sponge but not to far or hard.

Once the fleece has flattened a bit, take the cutter off.....

...........and carefully pull the shape off the sponge. Little tufts of fleece will have been poked into the sponge.

Now, your shape will look a bit of a mess, but don't worry, you still have some work to do.

Put the cookie cutter back onto the sponge, turn your shape over and put it back in the cutter.
Repeat the stabbing and turning over few more times, you will see the fleece 'felt' together, firm up and form a more solid shape.

(sorry about the rubbish photo!)

In-between taking the flower off of the sponge and turning it over you can poke the fleece round the edges.
WARNING: this is when I stab myself, so be careful!!

This will make your flower shrink a bit more and firm up the petals.

The great thing about needle felting is that you can sculpt it. If it is a bit wonky and lopsided you can felt it a bit more on that side. You can shape the petals by poking the needle in-between them.

When your flower is smooth and you feel it is firm enough to sew the pin onto firmly, it's done.

Choose a button for the centre and sew on and sew a pin onto back.

All the materials are fairly cheap with needles around 80p-£1.00 each and the fleece is about £1.50 for 10g and the sponges range from 80p to £2.00. But you can used any dense foam, car washing or bath sponges.
You can also by kits with a variety of coloured merino fleece, needles and a sponge for around £9.50-£15.

I have brought supplies on the internet from Christy Bears and getknitted and from Art Van Go and Crafty Notions at show events.

Recently, I have been looking at ebay suppliers and there are a couple of interesting ones in the uk- KRAFT MANIA and Needdleworks Pleasures. They both have a really nice selection of colours.

FeltFinland blog has a list of suppliers, one of which is fantastic looking Wingham Wool Works, serious fleece!

These Christmas decorations were made the same way.

Hope this has given you enough info to inspire you to have a go, any questions just ask:-)


dottycookie said...

I have done wet felting before, but this looks even more fun! Thanks for the links - I need some more rovings.

Unknown said...

ahem... 'I would love to have a go at this'. it looks lovely!


Kim said...

'I would love to have a go at this'
This is such a wonderfully detailed tutorial!! I have always wanted to try this and this looks totally do-able!! I hope I win!!!

Karen Chartier said...

Poking wool with a pin...looks very therapeutic, fun, and a very cute result!! I would love to have a go at this!

'dapants said...

I have been looking at a lot of felting stuff lately. This tut makes it look so easy and cute. 'I would love to have a go at this.'

Anonymous said...

I would loooove to have a go at this!

I've never felted anything, but this is just too adorable!

Jess said...

Now I just want to try it out with my tiny japanese vegetable cutters. I would love to have a go at this.

Blaize said...

Look how wee and cute it is! 'I would love to have a go at this' stblaize at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Oh I like this idea! And I would love to have a go at this. I agree with what's already been said, a well put together tutorial that makes it look really easy to do!

Anonymous said...

Oooh. I would love to have a go at this, too. Please add my name to the (felt?) hat!

deena said...

This would be cute using a rabbit cookie cutter for Spring, a leaf or a pumpkin for autumn, or a spruce for winter.

You have so much talent and are so inspiring.

Thank you for sharing this.

Jessie said...

aaaaand I would definitely love to have a go at this! I've been looking at the possibility of felting for a while now and never actually taken the plunge to try to find the supplies I would need. great tutorial! :-)

Contessa Kris said...

Ohhh, I would love to have a go at this! I've taken one small class on this but it was a shaped needle felting, it was more freeform. Sounds exciting!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to have a go at this!
catherine.fischer at mac dot com

Anonymous said...

This is great! I am just learning needle felting (I can make a plain round bead at this point) and this idea looks so fool proof! I'll be digging out my cookie cutters very soon! Thanks for the tutorial!

Unknown said...

I would love to have a go at this, they are so so pretty

pop_wisb said...

I would love to have a go at this. I have been looking at so many felting projects and i am still curious to have a go myself.

Unknown said...

As an American, I am always looking for a way to work the phrase, "I would love to have a go at this" into my conversations. Thanks so much for giving me a legitimate excuse! Lovely blog! Needle felting has always intrigued me...I would love to give this a go!

Anonymous said...

I have always thought needle felting was difficult--you make it look easy enough to try! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I would love to have a go at this! Adorable! Thanks for the tutorial -- I've been felting my knitted things for awhile but have never tried needle felting.

Bern said...

Aw, it's adorable.

I would love to have a go at this!

zakkalife said...

What a great tutorial, thanks for sharing this.


Anonymous said...

I love the cookie cutter idea. I have been wanting to try this 'new'
old craft.

Anonymous said...

How are you going to pick me as winner if I sign it anonymous!!!

Ruby Khan said...

I just did give this a go, and I now have a cute little lopsided star that I don't know what to do with, but which I am very proud of nonetheless. Thanks for the tutorial!

Anonymous said...

I would love to have a go at this! Color and texture are my favorite qualities!

Anonymous said...


i would love to try this i am in love with the ickle flowers

sam xx
(sam from SB)

Kat Atonic said...

I would love to have a go at this, but I think I've discovered it a little too late, as your competition ends in three days... aww poo! I actually have the supplies, too... felting needles, Aussie-shapes cookie cutters (felted roo!), foam blocks... just don't know where to buy roving.

laura jones said...

wow! i never knew how felting worked before. i'd like to have a go at this!

elizabeth said...

oh I would definitely love to have a go at this! I never really knew how needle felting works, but now I'm definitely going to have to try!

Lana said...

I would love to have a go at this! I've always wanted to try needle felting but never knew how to go about it. This is a great explanation.

Jamie Sue said...

'I would love to have a go at this' But until now most of the tutorials I've read have made it seem incredibly complicated and involved. Your tutorial makes it look "doable"

Susie said...

I would love to have a go at this - you make it all look so easy, but I'm sure mine would turn out nowhere near as nice!

Soozy from SB.

Anonymous said...

Awesome idea!

Courtney said...

what a fabulous idea.

pants said...

okay, that first try didn't work, so let me first say: Awesome! I didn't know you could felt stuff without soapy water and agitation. second: I would love to have a go at this!

JennyTheArtist said...

What a fantastic tutorial!

Unknown said...

I know I'm too late, but I really would love to have a go at this. it looks so fun!

Julie Phillips, aka Julieloveslucy SCS said...

That is a really neat step by step. I've always wanted to try the needle felting but didn't think that I could do it. Now by seeing it, I know that I can!


Rach said...

My kids would love to have a go at this!

Sally said...

Thanks for the great tutorial, I've wandered over from Whipup and am so glad I did.
I saw some felted rocks at a trendy cafe we were at the other day - they looked so life like with with 'quartz' bits woven through - any suggestions on how one would make these?

Sacred Yoli said...

Jox! This is an awesome tutorial! I sooo wanna give this a go!

Anonymous said...

Good Job!: )

Tammy said...

You make it look easy as pie!

Forgot to mention the cup of coffee needed! :-)

Anonymous said...















Anonymous said...

This idea has made my day! As soon as I saw it I went and found my pastry cutters which I'd just sorted out and put away as the kitchen utensil drawer was too full to close! I'm a beginner felter - my needles arrived last week. I, too, love making something out of nothing so I'd already found a non slip mat, a piece of foam from a delivered package, bits of wool tops and a jar of buttons that I'd kept for years. Within the last hour I've made two heart shaped brooch pieces. I embedded snipped up bits of fancy thread, and now I can't choose which side to add the pin! Thank you SO much for sharing this! You're a star! (pastry cutter shaped, of course!).

Anonymous said...

What a neat little tutorial for the beginner! I discovered needlefelting in a cutter just a few weeks ago and love it! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

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neli said...

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Your felting project are wonderfull.

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