Monday, 15 October 2007

Knitted Dishcloth Debate

I am really enjoying the knitted dishcloth debate and thought I'd join in.
First have a look at Ali's blog and then at Janet's 'stunt' sink!
Ali has some great links to fill you in on the back history.

I have to say that I am guilty of knitting a dishcloth or two as part of a 'Dishcloth swap' but I'm proud to stand up and be counted. It also doesn't mean that my house looks like a show home full of cupcakes.

One of two crocheted dishcloths made for me by Louise.

My kitchen on a good day! You can just see the other dishcloth on the righthand side.

I know some will think it's weird to 'waste' your time making something that you can just go and buy and that we are taking a step back into the slavery of domesticity. But we do these things because we can not because we have to. Thanks to our for mothers we aren't expected to spend our spare time doing housework (well, not to often and not that they would say out loud if they know what's good for them!) so why can't we can spend our evenings knitting dishcloths (and swapping them) What's the difference between making something practical and spending 2 hours on Facebook sending people monkeys. These are past times, a way of relaxing after a hard days work.

I would rather give my money to an independent yarn shop than to T***o any old day! And, when civilisation collapes we'll be able to whip up dishcloths and rag rugs and barter them for stockings!

What do you think Karyn could barter her beautiful coasters for? Thank you to her for sending these to me. I feel a real cheat because I sent Karyn one of my leaf brooches and jumped at the offer of a set of these (I have been coverting them for months). But my brooch never arrived, I got coasters and Karyn got an empty envelope!

I'll have to see what I can do, maybe I'll send her a knitted dishcloth ;-)


littlewanda said...

"And, when civilisation collapes we'll be able to whip up dishcloths and rag rugs and barter them for stockings!"

I', having funny visions of this lol

"What's the difference between making something practical and spending 2 hours on Facebook sending people monkeys."

Well said.

Karyn said...

In your defense, the envelope obviously had a leaf brooch in it when it left London. Somewhere between there and Florida, it fell out. I'm just thrilled that you like the coasters!

Like you (and probably many other crafters), I sew, cook, etc., because I want to, not because I have to. If I had to do it because it was my "role," I would probably hate it.

Great blog!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the opinions - we make things b/c we want to not b/c we have to. why spend money so some poor chinesse person can make a dishcloth in a factory - when I can do while i watch a movie.

those coasters as beautiful!

janet clare said...

Thanks for the link! I have discovered why everyone else makes coloured dishcloths- the one that features with the stunt sink is now a fetching shade of grey!

shukr said...

I must add you to my favourites - never seen anyone do the t***o thing before!!!

i found your blog by searching for dry felting blogs. just got a starter kit yesterday and already have decided it's a passion of mine for life. in fact, we are through 5 needles in one day as i let the 7 and 8 year old have a go !!! so am trying to take it allback to be my own special craft after they are in bed. only i want to felt all day long. I cannot believe how therapeutic it feels to jab jab jab.

love. it.

and you have a beatiful blog.)

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