Sunday, 21 October 2007

German Zakka

I am taking part in a craft book swap on Swap-bot, I have a book to swap but I thought I'd go and see what I could find in the Salvation Army charity shop in Catford. It's one of those old school charity shops; stuff comes in, they sort it and sell it, rather than the centralised sorting and creaming off of the vintage bargains we all hope to find.

Anyway, look what I brought for 10p!

German Zakka, I'm presuming it's German, it says it's printed in West Germany, please correct me if I'm horribly wrong.

I want this! I wonder if my Dad would make it for me for Christmas.

I would have died for this as a kid, look at that rug and that beaded curtain.

and I want to make this....................

and those fruit shaped cushions...............

and a rag rug loom......................

not so keen on these but I like the way the pictures are laid out.

and here's Christmas sorted....................

that shoe shaped thing that holds your glasses and pens looks v. useful to someone who wears glasses and has pens.

and tucked away in a pocket at the back are two very scary and complicated looking patterns in pristine condition. Hurray for Charity Shops!

Look what else I brought for 10p......................

That hair looks like it's been knitted! Sorry Pam Dawson but you can't blame me with the title of your book as 'Knitting Pam Dawson'!!!

But she can knit dungarees for toddlers, how cool is that?

Though, Ben's friend looks a bit uncomfortable with the way Ben is eyeing up his stripey dungies.

Where can I get a toddler to make these for? I did offer to make some for E but he wasn't too keen.

I know, I'll make one, (a toddler that is) there's a pattern for one in the German Zakka book.................. no really, there is......................


Kirsty said...

That's amazing!! "Proper" charity shops are like gold dust these days- I had no idea there was one in Catford!
I'm spending next week in a village in Buckinghamshire which has a most excellent proper charity shop (the kind that has paper patterns for 10p the handful), I can't wait!

littlewanda said...

Wow. What an absolutely amazing find! I had a full size doll much like the bottom picture as a child. I think it was taller than me, which was not hard.

Minizauber said...

You are absolutely right, the first book is German. Burda is a old-established publisher for magazines and books about sewing and crafting in Germany and in some parts of Europe, too.
If you need to have some parts translated feel free to e-mail me at .
Best regards

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