Tuesday, 19 February 2008


I am taking part in a 'Journal Round Robin'. There are 5 people involved and 5 journals get passed between us.
I wasn't really sure what a journal was, I assumed it was a diary/old fashioned blog entry, but as we say at work 'never assume'.

My past notebooks and diaries dating back to 1990

So, I have done a bit a journal reseach; first I searched 'journal' on flickr. While flicking through the photos I noticed a few where tagged with Wreck this Journal. I had seen this journal before and I remembered that it looked interesting so I did another search and found Kerri Smiths Blog (she's the author), scroll down a bit on her blog and there is a list of ideas which then takes you to a pdf of 100 ideas to do in your journal.

So, I printed it off and cut it up (that's what it said to do).

Some of my favorites from the list are;

10. Draw your dinner.

39. Write about your relationship with your washing machine.

48. Make a useful item using only paper and tape.

70. Do nothing.

88. Write an entry about a secret. Cut it up and glue the pieces randomly.

My current notebooks and diaries

I have never kept a journal (if I had I would have know what one was!). I have notebooks on the go all the time and if I lost my desk diary I wouldn't know what was going on. I blog sporadically, so keeping a journal is going to be interesting.

The 'Round Robin Journal' isn't starting for another month but I might have to start keeping a journal to get some practice.


Ali said...

I had assumed like you that journal=diary. I stand corrected. Those ideas sound like fun.

Angela said...

oh, I like the 100 Things list. i think i might run with some of that. thanks for sharing!


telliham said...

ahh.. this is great... thanks for linking the authors blog, i love it ^_^ xx

littlewanda said...

Thanks for posting these links. I'm just about to start a journal round-robin to and like you thought of a journal as a diary!

susan said...

Those are some funny topics!

I bet if you look up art journals you get some really intersting ideas as well. Off to check out your links...

Angela said...

Just wanted to drop you a note and say THANKS for the brooch! I'm in love with it. :)


littlewanda said...

Hi Jo! Ari's advice is spot-on; just go for it! I'm sure we'll love your entries :)

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