Friday, 21 September 2007

What a crafty week!

First things first, Friday poll! I know that's why you're here!

Last week was a surprising result for me, the winner was......... SHOWER!
I'm a bath girl you see.

This weeks poll is a topical one in the UK, (it was even discussed on the Today programme on Radio 4)

Marmite or Marmalade?

Next, 102nd Post Competition. I've decided to have 3 winners; Ali, Karyn and Alla all win a lovely hand felted brooch.
Please message me ladies and we'll sort out getting them to you. (Also, wouldn't mind a little coaster or two Karyn ;-) xx)

On Monday I started my Craft Workshop Course, what fun it's going to be.

We mostly talked about things we would like to have a go at. Next week we are going to do beading on a loom, and the week after felting (that was my idea) both wet and needle.

my first bit of embroidery

Everyone on the course seems nice and open to trying new stuff. There are two ladies who have been doing the course for a few years, they come along, have a go and if they don't fancy what everyone else is doing they carry on with their own stuff, which seems to be how it works, it's very open and relaxed.

Finished two new activity packs at work, a halloween mobile pack and a spider paper weight pack.

(I will do a post about what I do at work as a few people have been asking recently and I find it hard to explain it in words, I'll do a photo montage!)

Spider Plaster of Paris Paperweight Pack

I might enter the spider in the DIY: Halloween competition over on CRAFT.

This is a 'hug' I started about 2 years ago.

I had knitted over 2/3 of it, but while I was knitting the first sleeve I started to knit the wrong way and it had two big stripes of purl on it. At first I didn't realise and then I tried to ignore it, by then I had started the second sleeve. In the end it was causing me such distress that I had to unravel it to the purl rows and pick it up again. Very boring.

So now I have nearly finished the back and then I can re-join it and start the second sleeve, which is the fun bit, knitting round and round and round............and round and round, great on the bus.

Lovely scarf sent to me from Norway, thank you! and a cat with no tonsils.

And lastly, I am going to enter this wrap into the Lewisham Country Fair on Sunday.
I love Country Fairs, I love looking round the entries at the biggest vegetables and handmade stuff and I've always secretly longed to live in the country so I could join the Women's Guild and make jam and enter it into competitions.
I never dreamed that we would have such a fair in Lewisham!! (FYI Lewisham is an Inner city London Borough, not very rural at all)

So, I might see you there on Sunday, with my wrap and Family, if not, I'll let you know how me and my wrap got on.


Karyn said...

We're all winners!!! :-)

That's very generous of you. I can't wait to see what the brooch looks like in person.

Coasters will be coming your way soon! Let me know if you have any color preferences, etc.

Thanks for the brooch!

Ali said...

Thank you thank you! And good luck at the Fair - our village has it's produce competition this weekend. I'm going to scope out the entries and see if I dare compete next year. Only I am scared of the incredibly accomplished old ladies who have spent donkeys years in the WI. Sure they'd eat me for breakfast!

alla said...

vow thanks, and that is for just being a Shetlands wool. lucky me!!!!
see you soon love. and all the best tomorrow. Maybe we will see you.
again thanks
Alla x

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